about Shonemen

More than ever, the contemporary business needs top talents to keep the commercial advantage in extremely challenging competitiveness. Effective and efficient talent acquisition and management become the core value of almost every successful business. In the same manner, the talents need business to initiate, progress and fulfill their career value along their life span.


Shonemen understands the value from both sides, and helps to match and build up the two types of values, to achieve the long term success for both business and individual careers via client centered consultative approach.


When work with business and individual talent at Shonemen, We Listen, We Challenge, We Research. That ensures We Deliver.


what we do

We are a young business consultancy in talent services, providing Search, Advisory and Career Services. We help business to search and retain the best ‘Shone’ talents, as well as help talents open the door to the best suitable platform to shine. 

why work with us

Our focus is to achieve long term business and career value, therefore we enter 'Talent Value Chain' in a holistic approach instead of just finishing off an assignment. This approach ensures we help both Business and Talent to grow the positivity within the network in an organic cycle.


In the era of social media, both business and individual professional rely on the positive portrait for long term value which always remains in our heart and action when we deliver our services. 




We help business to search the best suitable talents for the key positions in a cost effective approach under time restraint.




Shonemen Advisory

We help business on talent acquisition and retain strategy, improving recruiting performance. This ensures the business wins key competition battle.



Shonemen Career Service

We help individual talent at every stage of their career development and transition.





The most impressive headhunter and career advisor I have ever talked to. Unbelievable knowledge and insights to the consulting industry. When you talk to him, you feel you are much closer to what you want to be.

Director of TTL, Top 5 Global Software Company


Strongly impressed by the professionalism. Obviously has quite a lot of occupational experiences and works in a very typical British way: Everything optimal organized and clear clarified. I can also feel the passion for the work and communication skill is definitely one of the strengths. I highly recommend as a professional, competent and trustful partner!

CEO, Boutique German Consultancy, Automotive Specialist


Provided me a detail analysis on my career path. He not only identified where my problem is, but also assisted me to clarify the options I have. With his help, I am more confidence to make the decision now.

MBA Student with 7 years consulting experience, Global Top 100 Business School


As a consultancy with core value of 'transparency', we like to share our knowledge, observation, feelings to the market. Therefore we set up blog section. You are welcome to click, read and comment.