The name of Shonemen is adapted from homophony of Chinese word 'Xiang Men (相门)', an ancient town located in Jiangsu, China. In legend, Sword Master 'Gan Jiang (干将)' casted the Ten Best Swords here under King of Wu's command in Chunqiu Period 537 - 496 BC.


'Xiang Men' is also referred to 'Gate of Prime Minister's Mansion' in ancient time. It is a metaphor of 'House of the Wisest Men in the Kingdom' who were unified together for the nation's long lasting prosperity. 


In English, Shone Men are a cohort of people holding extraordinary expertise and value standing out in business and organization.


We are a young consultancy in talent services, providing Search, Advisory and Career Services.


We help business searching and retaining the best 'Shone' talents, as well as help the talents opening the door to suitable platform to shine. We understand both business value and career value are needed to gel for the best organizational and individual interests. Shonemen as your trustworthy partner will help to match and build the long-term value for business and individual success.


We are a group of capable, dedicate and creative people with clients' experience centred in our heart. We are good listeners with energy and passion to complete our assignements in the highest level.

We Are Expanding

Shonemen has been working with top business and individual clients. We open our arms to welcome those who share the same philosophy and professionalism to join our fast growing team to fulfil their own career dreams.