Strongly impressed by the professionalism. Obviously has quite a lot of occupational experiences and works in a very typical British way: Everything optimal organized and clear clarified. I can also feel the passion for the work and communication skill is definitely one of the strengths. I highly recommend as a professional, competent and trustful partner!

CEO, Boutique German Consultancy, Automotive Specialist


The best recruiter I ever met! Not only because understands the top consulting firms so well, but also because always think from my perspective, including long term career progression and life planning. I would highly recommend to everyone who wanna join consulting firms and who is looking for career advice:)

Manager, FS Specialist Consultancy


Very professional, keeps following the progress in time, provides the necessary details of information to candidates, understands the needs from both clients and candidates.

VP, A Global Top 100 Manufacturing Company



高级经理,Tier 1 Strategy House


I'd like to express my great gratitude to the team who reached out to me and recommended my profile to my current employer. Professional and responsive during the whole interview and recruitment process. I was also impressed by the good knowledge of the client's (my current employer) industry and excellent client relationship management. I'd recommend as a trustworthy recruitment consultant.

Senior Consultant, Global Top Tier Strategy House


Really a professional hunter in the Consulting area. And not only really care about the true career goals of individuals but also understand the consulting industry itself. 

Manager, Global Boutique Consultancy


'The most impressive headhunter and career advisor I have ever talked to. Unbelievable knowledge and insights to the consulting industry. When you talk to him, you feel you are much closer to what you want to be.' 

Director of TTL, Top 5 Global Software Company


A result-oriented account manager with industry expertise; sensitive with client's wants and is capable of meeting client's expectation through massive and delicate sourcing. Holds a great balance of rigorous and flexible in the way of working and owns excellent agility to changes.

Project Manager, Top 5 Global FMCG Company


One of the most professional career adviser and helper I met, full of passion and patience, glad to listen and work together with me, start from the point I desired and situation I was in. Glad to know him and impressive experience I had.

Director, Big 4's Consulting 


A highly efficient professional who has been very helpful on my career advice.

Snr Consultant, Big 4 Accountancy 


Contact with me from both client and candidate prospective for over 2 years; impressed me with not only professional consultative approach but also insightful knowledge of the SAP talent market, particularly in China. I recommend him highly to who has SAP resourcing needs or all level candidates who is exploring opportunities.

APAC IT Director, Global Automotive OEM


Demonstrated commitment to student experience and provided an excellent service to the students. Praised by many students of teaching quality and pastoral care.  A valuable member of the team and supported the department in many new initiatives which were not part of the remit. Worked well at all levels from students to senior management.

Director, Career Center, UK Top 100 University


A professional recruitment consultant as well as experienced university career counselor. As client, I was given one-on-one guidance including networking culture, career path in consulting, etc., which I found very helpful. I highly recommend anyone interested in a career in consulting talk to him. His experience and detail-focused suggestions would make you a competitive candidate.

MBA Student, Global Top 50 Business School


"Though provoking, non-judgmental, always in other's shoes, guide the think flow" I will recommend to all those fresh graduates at the threshold of career planning. Had the chance to receive career learning and development coaching and it really helped to shed light on my career planning, through not only equipped with theoretical background to guide/provoke the thinking, but also good in providing industry understanding from his personal experience whenever necessary. The end-point of coaching--self-discovering of career value/projection can be reached with the guided help from him. Also done an excellent job in recruiting for management consulting with years of expertise.

Strategy Manager, Global Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company


A very good and detailed teacher and well adept in his knowledge of career advice. Enjoyed his classes very much.

Master Student, UK Top 100 University 


Provided me a detail analysis on my career path. He not only identified where my problem is, but also assisted me to clarify the options I have. With his help, I am more confidence to make the decision now.

MBA Student with 7 years consulting experience, Global Top 100 Business School


Deep knowledge about recruitment markets of both EU and China. A good career advisor with great patience. Helped me to find out a lot more about my career expectations and introduced me some strategies for efficient job hunting.

Master Student, Top 5 UK University